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Marx on ‘TIME’

“The saving of labour time [is] equal to an increase of free time, i.e. time for the full development of the individual, which in turn reacts back upon the productive power of labour as itself the greatest productive power. From the standpoint of the direct production process it can be regarded as the production of fixed capital, this fixedContinue reading “Marx on ‘TIME’”

Letter from Marx To his Father In Trier

‘My Dress Hangs There’ Painting by Frida Kahlo (1933) First Published: Die Neue Zeit No. 1, 1897; Source: The First writings of Karl Marx, (PDF) edited by Paul M. Schafer; In German: Karl Marx in seinem Briefen, Ed. Saul K. Padover; Published: in German by Verlag C.H. Beck; Translation: Paul M. Schafer. Berlin, November 10, [1837] Dear Father! There areContinue reading “Letter from Marx To his Father In Trier”